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First they came for the cattle, then they came for your kids. RFID Creep

September 7th, 2012 · News

Over a decade ago in a Spanish magazine I penned the first exposé of RFID chip use in a human subject, a habitual junkie in England given the choice to be chipped or imprisoned. Then we witnessed the USDA require the chips in our livestock. Now David Kravets in WIRED uncovers the unnatural of this dangerous and useful technology being applied to our children.

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Romney Campaign “A Shambles”

August 11th, 2012 · News

(ECL) NORFOLK, VA – BBC cameras caught a colossal gaffe by clumsy Romney saturday. With much fanfare he announced his VP running mate as the “next President” Paul Ryan. With the fantastic London 2012 Olympic wonders before us daily this weakness under pressure stands in stark contrast. And who dresses these guys? One has no jacket and a tight tie, the other a suit with no tie at all. Is he just stopping by after sex and coke in a fine hotel? Though the desperate beast Romney did scramble as well as could be hoped with the hack in his earpiece leading him through a decent recovery. How you like the London 2012 Olympics now, Mitt?

And what about all his dirty laundry, besides the sex and coke?
The Fitzgerald boys…


Sikh temple attack madness

August 6th, 2012 · News

There is one faith tradition on earth that is not Judeo-Christian-Isamic which was born as an organic response to and resistance of Muslim expansion, and that is the Sikhs.

They are the born warriors against Islam.

The men must not be cut, and the women must wear pants and have hair uncovered.

They are the single most reliable group to resist Mohammad men.

And the idiot shoots them up. The irony.

Now, attacks on muslims are unacceptable, yet it is a pity this fool died so he could not learn of the depth of his stupidity and live with it.

Total idiot


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On the “Support Chick-fil-A” Day and Protests

August 3rd, 2012 · Actions, News, News Analysis, Reviews, SPORTS, Videos


August 1st, 2012 New York, Maryland and Virginia

Fast Food Giant Chick-fil-A drew enormous crowds of supporters across the country all day as people rallied in support of, as one woman on the drive though line stated it,  “free speech and Christian values.”

WATCH: Raw Video

While this writer acknowledges a total disinterest in restricting the sexual, social, or religious habits of others; so long as they do no direct physical or malicious harm to anyone, still it must be upheld that the religious right is justified in being politically correct and active in this ridiculous case.

Democrat party notables such as Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel have shoved their foots so far down their throats waving around power at one man’s opinion, however, that every Bi-Queer-Trans-Fabulous homey should go down to the chain and buy an iced tea and say, “You say and think whatever you like God bless you as long as you do not violate.”

Does this chain not serve or hire based on race/religion/orientation?

All the folk this reporter witnesses this day in three states were of European-American extraction.

The crowd should be all of us in our glorious messed up land.  The Native Americans should be setting up tee pees in the areas saying, hey, and how, and if you genocided, raped, and dispossessed us for anything it was this freedom of speech thing (that we taught you about) so let a man say what he believes.  The black panther party should have operatives ordering chicken sandwiches and marching for free speech, however silly.  Act up and code pink should sit in and order nuggets in support of free speech.

If you want to say, for instance, that Mayor Bloomberg is a midget who does not know the fluid and sugar intake requirements of a normal sized human.  And, you should have just moved to ban HFCS Mike, like Barbara Clark said silly.  I should have the right to say that, and if I am not shooting anyone or thieving, who should care?

Every democrat and Green party supporter, you should get down to the certified hygienic chain and say, your factory horror toxic food is no worse than any other major chains and however stupid your beliefs you should have an equal right to produce lousy immoral irradiated GMO food like everyone else and I am here to drink a fluorinated water out of your petroleum coated cups in solidarity with your right as an American to be as misled and gullible as me.

Occupy should buy all their ketchup at the restaurant and chant slogans for the COO’s right to his non-violent cultural opinions.

Then you should go down to each other left right or curious and pledge to get rid of all the silly dividers hate sends our way and all love the flickering brilliance that is.

Rule Thy Self


It might look like a race war, only if we do not all join it.

Consider a vegan lifestyle.

Not that I will.

The good hearted souls and the others that flocked to the chain today came for many reasons, yet many came for the same few principals.

The black block anarchists(if they can spare any police infiltrator/agitators from their day jobs) should march in chaotic patterns about the eatery in support of free speech without government threats.

Opus Dei must set purple banners out praising free speech, praise Him. Or Her or It (It in a really good way, you know?)

And then Occupy and Tea Party should brew a freedom agenda and reorganize North America and the World into a righteous panacea.  No IRS or DEA or FBI or CIA and we can make it so for all, yes you can.  Now there is a jobs program you can bet will take care of  people!

Free Tibet, stop raping and whoring and destroying.  Horrorland beyond Orwell’s darkest imaginings.  Leave now red fascist China and your people can meditate on their shame for fifty generations.

Free Africa!

U.S. out of North America and the Earth.  Let all 800 bases be gone.

We Chick-fil-Aers will the elite’s New World Order fully into being, yet it will be an Anarcho-Libertarian N.W.O. remix.  And if we all stand up for ourselves for one moment, we will all be free forever.

And while you are at it, in the Olympic spirit, see the Euro crisis started with Brit and Euro badmouthing of Greece as Olympic host, and they did sink it, and Greece lost billions and inertia.  It is all so hilarious and pathetic since Pharaoh, muddle on?

Now, logically, see that accepting gay marriage does open the door to nineteen men marrying twenty six women in a religious commune, and polygamy and polyandry, for who are you too judge their religious custom or pursuit of happiness?  That would be immoral and unconstitutional, as it is, yet this writer can see the virtues and fun of keeping biological procreative pairs one man and one woman sanctified by the term “Marriage” just so the rest stays a little kinky.  Go ahead though, do what you like as long as I retain my consent.

Understand though, there are several hundred million people basically ready to fight to the death over it, if you really want to press the issue.

It will be interesting to see what happens Friday.  I hope all the queers and liberals go and celebrate free speech not reactionism the the simple fact that people hold many views.

Should we boycott James Brown (eternal pardons upon his name and apologies for ever putting him in stir) for saying that It Is A Man’s World?  And that it would not be nothing, not one single thing, without a woman to love.


One Love.


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